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Adopt with Fife Council

Adopting a child or siblings is a life-long decision, where a child becomes part of your family. You have the same legal rights as birth parents and the child has the same rights as birth children. By choosing to adopt, you’ll give a child the vital loving relationships we all need and a secure and permanent home.

There are many reasons why children can’t stay with their birth families: some children come from complex family background, or some children may have experienced trauma in their life.

We’re looking for people with a variety of skills and experiences who can meet each child’s needs and form lasting bonds. We want to make the best decision for the child so we need adopters from many different backgrounds. We’re especially keen to speak to people who would consider adopting sibling groups and older children.

You may think you are too old, but people who are older and who have more life experience can be more patient and understanding. You are possibly already parents and willing to take on the special challenge and rewards that adopting an older child could bring. But whether or not you are already a parent, you will have more general experience in life and how to handle difficult situations which is an advantage when parenting older children.

We would love to hear from you if you are:

  • over 21, either single, married, civil partners, or living together as a couple for at least two years
  • medically fit and a non-smoker
  • have some child care experience

Why adopt with Fife Council?

  • Fife Council Adoption Team is a small, dedicated service. We are enthusiastic, motivated and experienced social work professionals who are committed to providing families for children in Fife.
  • We will respond to your enquiry quickly and personally by email or telephone, have a chat and answer your initial questions. If you decide to go ahead, we will arrange to visit you at home and give you more details about adoption.
  • Whenever possible, we match Fife children with Fife adopters. This offers adopters a local, joint approach to supporting you and your child throughout your adoption journey. This can include specialist educational or therapeutic services within Fife Council.
  • We offer extensive ongoing training opportunities and a variety of support groups and informal get togethers. We also have workers trained various parenting styles including Theraplay.
  • The Team contact all adopters on an annual basis to discuss any new support needs.
  • Fife Council Adoption Team believe that relationships are key, and we operate a strength-based approach (concentrating on the adopter’s strengths to promote their wellbeing) to support our adopters.  In return, our adopters are very much involved in providing ongoing support to each other and we have a buddy system for any newly approved adopters.

Concurrent carers

A Concurrent Carer means you are both a Foster Carer and an Adopter, so you can take babies from when they are born, or soon after. The Concurrent Carer acts as the Foster Carer for the child and supports contact with the birth family, while the court decides the child’s future. A concurrent placement gives the child the continuity of care that is important for a good start in life.

Other services we offer:

  • We offer post adoption support to adoptive families until the child reaches the age of 18.
  • We offer support to adults who were adopted who wish to access their adoption record and/or who are thinking about tracing birth family members
  • We offer support to birth parents who are thinking about giving their baby up for adoption
  • We assess and provide support for step-parents wishing to adopt their stepchild
  • We support birth parents and birth families who have been affected by adoption
  • We offer advice, assessment and support to people who are thinking of adopting a child from overseas

Further information and getting in touch

Contact us for more details on adopting a child, becoming a concurrent carer or any of the other services we provide.

If you email or phone us, we will get back to you - please give us your telephone/mobile number and a time when you would prefer us to call.

Tel: 03451 55 55 55 ext. 471074