Fostering a Teenager 

We need more foster carers for children aged 12-16. Were looking for people who can offer teenagers a safe and secure home. Somewhere they can find their feet, build their self-confidence and become more independent. We need people who will be there for them and encourage them to live their lives to their full potential. Fostering a teenager is not just for the present, it’s setting them up for the rest of their life. 

Like all young people they need help to organise their lives, to deal with their feelings and have good times with friends. We need foster carers to help them learn good practical skills such as cooking and managing money. People who will listen and be there to talk to themhelping them to make sense of their worries and showing them the positive side to life. 


Why you should consider fostering a teenager 

 Fostering teenagers might suit you  

Young people are more independent than younger children who are often physically demanding. Your wisdom, experience and knowledge, as well as your ability to listen gives you a lot to offer an older child. 

You can give advice and guidance but often it’s things like helping them complete an application formbudget their own money or just giving them a compliment 


And they need you! 

Like all young people, teenagers in foster care need a family or an individual who can help make a difference to their life and future prospectsThey need the safety and security of a loving foster family and you could make all the difference to them.  

We’ve all been teenagers, so we understand how difficult and exciting the world can be at this stage. Your care and influence could be the launch pad to the rest of their life. This may be a daunting prospect, but it’s also a hugely rewarding one too. Whether it’s choosing subjects at school, or being accepted onto their college course, there’s no greater sense of pride than seeing an older foster child making positive choices for a brighter future.  


Whats involved in fostering teenagers? 

As a foster carer you’ll make sure they’ve got enough clothes, are well fed, healthy and supported with their education.  Alongside this you will support them emotionally and liaise with social workers, teachers and support contact with their birth family. You may play a key role in supporting them to understand their own identity and with making and sustaining healthy positive relationships. 


What previous experience do you need? 

We welcome people of all ages who are warm, open minded, and have the skills to develop positive relationships. If you could communicate well with a network of people including professionals, young people and their birth family we would like to hear from you.  

You don’t need to have experience of parenting adolescents or working with young people, in a professional role but there are several useful qualities we are looking for such as being able to listen and being patient and caring We also need you to have stamina and a good sense of humour! 

We will be there with you every step of the way, from your initial enquiry through to looking after your first young person, and beyond. 

Fostering a teenager is one of the most rewarding and challenging roles you may ever take on – find out more today – give us a call or go to our enquiry form and we’ll call you back. 


Useful link to the Fostering Network – the golden rules of fostering teenagers 


We also need emergency foster carers for teenagers 

We have some teenagers who are going through a difficult time in their lives. To help them manage and overcome these circumstances they need extra help and support.  

To give these young people the best chance we would like you to commit to fostering them for at least 12-weeks so that their needs can be assessed during this time. Throughout this period, you will be working closely with the young person’s network of important people, including the young person’s social worker and their birth family to support a return home or to the care of family members where possible.  

During these 12 weeks we will also support you financially with our enhanced foster care allowance. Because you will be fostering teenagers in emergency circumstances, you will be paid a higher fostering fee of £555.88 per week. You will only receive this fee while you have a specific young person placed with you but because we have urgent need for foster carers for teenagers, we don’t expect long gaps between placements. 


 We will give you all the training you need 

On-going learning and development are an important part of your role as a foster carer. You will receive regular training to help you in your work and enhance your skills, alongside the support and guidance of your own supervising social worker, our placement support team and peer support from experienced carers. We always aim to match teenagers with carers who best suit their individual needs, and our team of staff will discuss this with you in detail. 

As part of the initial assessment process, we will ask you to attend our fostering preparation group and a one-off training session on development during adolescence. This will give you a more in-depth understanding of the foster caring role before you decide to go ahead. 

After you are approved as a foster carer you can attend a monthly support group focused on caring for adolescents, to share experiences with other carers and hear from guest speakers on subjects relevant to the role.