Thinking about transferring?

Fife Council would love to hear from you! Fill in the enquiry form and we’ll get in touch or call 01383 602235 to speak to a member of the team.

Fife Council fostering team is at the centre of providing high quality foster care for vulnerable children in Fife. We are the third largest foster care provider in Scotland and our experienced team is committed to providing solid support and first-class training, plus other benefits for our foster carers. As well as providing individual support to all our foster carers we aim to match each child or sibling group to each fostering family.

Why transfer to Fife Council?

As the local authority we are responsible for every child in Fife who needs the stability and security their birth family can’t provide. Fife Council Foster Carers are the first to be considered when a child is needing a home and therefore our Foster Carers are likely to have placements most of the time.

If you don’t have a child placed with you and as long as you are available, we pay a weekly fee, so you have a regular income.

Approved foster carers transferring to Fife Council can also apply to be a Level 2 carer and receive an increased fee.

‘Derivative’ transfers

A ‘Derivative’ transfer is when a foster carer has been approved by one local authority/agency and is in the process of being assessed by Fife Council. This process can enable Fife Council to assume the immediate support and supervision of foster carers and allow foster carers to offer their services to Fife Council while having children placed with them before they are approved by Fife Council’s panel.

Fife Council the Corporate Parent

Fife Council has legal responsibilities as the Corporate Parent when a child’s own parents are not able to take adequate care of them. The aim of the Council as Corporate Parent is to care for our looked after children as we would our own natural children.

Fife Council is working to achieve the best possible positive outcomes for 'looked after' children, young people and care-leavers by:

  • promoting their wellbeing
  • improving their life outcomes
  • listening to their views.

On our last Care Inspectorate review we were rated ‘Very Good’ across all areas.

Our commitment to a high level of support for foster carers includes:

  • membership of Fife Foster Carers Association, an independent organisation, run by Foster Carers to Support Foster Carers
  • automatic enrolment to become a member of Fostering Network
  • local support groups and training, and buddy systems
  • access to additional services within the Council to support children’s education and mental health
  • annual Conference - where all Fife Council foster carers get together, to listen to professional speakers, discuss new ideas and share informal chats
  • excellent free training including specialisms.