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Fife Council's Children and Families team is working remotely but still able to chat to anyone who is interested in fostering. They would welcome your enquiry - get in touch now.

Caring for children and young people  in Fife

We're looking for people who can provide different types of care for children and young people in Fife. People who can provide a bedroom, give time and understanding and help children and young people grow in confidence.

There are children and young people in Fife who can't live with their birth family for a variety of reasons. We need to keep them safe and secure so we need foster carers and supported lodgings carers who can provide stability and guidance in a variety of ways.

Listen to the experience of our foster carers : Heather, Fiona, Rena, Karen and Paishe.

Let us know the type of care you might be interested in providing, by filling in the enquiry form on the left or calling  01383 602235 to speak to a member of the team.

The list below gives a brief description of the types of care you could provide.

Interim fostering - Interim foster carers provide full-time care for children and young people for periods of time lasting a day or two up to two years.

Long-term fostering - Long-term foster carers provide full-time care for children and young people for longer periods of time.   Children are considered for long-term foster care after they have been in an interim placement for longer than two years.

Permanent fostering - Permanent foster carers provide full-time care to a child or young person usually aged seven years or older until they are 18 years old.

Short break - Short break carers provide regular short-term placements to help ease pressures on foster carers and families needing additional support.

Supported Lodgings - Supported Lodgings carers provide a secure base and help a young person over 16 who is leaving care to develop life-skills.

All our carers receive a weekly allowance and are given lots of training and development opportunities.


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