Who can foster?

We are looking for people over 21 years old from a variety of different ethnic, religious, cultural and language backgrounds.

No matter what your background, what’s important is that you can offer a child the security and stability of a loving home.

You can foster whether you:

  • – have children or step-children or no children at all
  • – are a tenant or a home-owner
  • – live in a flat or a house
  • – are employed or unemployed.

In addition one person must have the time and flexibility to be available for the child/children and to be able to attend all necessary meetings.

Our looked after children need families who can:

  • Offer a settled home
  • Care for children and help them feel part of a family
  • Love, understand and have fun
  • Teach life skills and help them pursue their dreams
  • Encourage friendships and listen
  • And help them feel they belong